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doctor newDr Stelios Kotzampasakis is a Plastic Surgeon specialized in the field of Cosmetic Surgery. He obtained his Medical Degree from the University of Athens in 1980. He specialized in hospitals of Athens for 6 years and in 1989 acquired the title of Plastic Surgery specialist.

Dr Kotzampasakis has over 30 years of experience. From 1990 until 1997 he worked in the Department of Plastic Surgery at “A. Sofia” Athens Hospital. From 1997 until March 2009 he worked at “KAT” Hospital in Athens, as d. Director of Plastic Surgery and Burns Department. Since March 2009, he has been working in his private medical office and in other private Clinics of Athens.

Dr Kotzampasakis obtained additional surgical experience and training in the Department of Plastic Surgery at Rothschild Hospital in Paris. He also obtained additional experience in Burns Intensive Care at University’s ICU of “KAT” Hospital in Athens.

  • Member of the Hellenic Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.
  • Member of the European Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

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With the inventor of modern liposuction Dr Y.G. Illouz. Paris 1991


             In the Rothschild hospital. Paris 1991            

With professor S. Beaux. Rothschild Hospital. Paris 1991


Saint Louis Hospital. Paris 1990.            

With Dr G. Aiach. Clinic Belvedere. Paris 1990



Up to December 2013 Dr Kotzampasakis has carried out more than 20.000 surgical procedures of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. These operations cover the whole spectrum of Plastic Surgery including: cosmetic surgery, trauma, burns, scars, congenital anomalies, pressure ulcers, necroses or other skin lesions and acquired malformations.

Dr Kotzampasakis has trained a large number of medical students and nurses in trauma, burns and intensive treatment of burns from 1989 until now.
He has trained also a large number of new Plastic Surgeons, during the last 25 years, in Athens public Hospitals.

In 1995 Dr Kotzampasakis participated and collaborated with other distinguished colleagues in the writing group of "Medical Encyclopedia for Men" published by "Alkyon" publications in Athens.
In 2005 Dr Kotzampasakis organized and coordinated the publication of a textbook with the title "BURNS. Principles and practice of burns treatment", released by Medical Publications Paschalidis in Athens. This writing of 573 pages, addressed to doctors, includes the most recent bibliography and data on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of burns. He wrote 18 chapters, while the remaining 33 were written by other distinguished specialists in the field .
In 2007 he wrote the book "Beauty and aesthetic plastic surgery" which was published by Medical Publications I. Maniateas , in the Family Medical Encyclopedia. This book is a comprehensive guide to Aesthetic Surgery of 351 pages, which gives information and guidance for  those planning to carry out cosmetic surgery. The reader is given a tour around the mysteries of cosmetic surgery ,the techniques and possibilities of modern cosmetic surgery, the pre-and postoperative procedures and the results of aesthetic operations.


Dr. Kotzampasakis has so far published 57 special medical articles in international and Greek journals. In these articles were published the conclusions of multiannual research and clinical observations on General and Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Kotzampasakis has been participated, upl to date, in 124 international and Greek medical congresses to which he has presented 95 scientific announcements with original topics in surgery and specialised plastic surgery studies.