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In addition, each person is a special psychosomatic entity in their own right and each cosmetic procedure should be individualized.
It should be adjusted and chosen after a comprehensive study not only of the physical and mental characteristics but also the social and professional needs of the person. The aim is always a perfect, natural result and not an excessive, deforming one.

Any person seeking cosmetic surgery must know their personal particularities and desires as well as  any factors that can positively or negatively affect the final result inciding the possibilities of modern surgery. Ignorance or misunderstanding can lead to unsatisfactory results and cause disappointment.

This is an informational site designed to help you define your personal needs and allow you to make informed decisions about your cosmetic enhancement.
The site includes important information about the most popular cosmetic procedures. This information comes from 30 years practical experience and research and is based on the most recent international literature.

Dr. Stelios Kotzampasakis                
Plastic Surgeon