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Breast augmentation
breast 1 newBreast augmentation is the surgical operation which increases breast volume and size for cosmetic reasons or corrects post-operative or congenital malformations. It is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures.

Breast augmentation is possible with autologous tissue transplantation from the same the woman. However the most common procedure to increase breast size today is the insertion of biocompatible mammary implants.
These are silicone implants, well tolerated by the body and not involved in carcinogenesis.

The first silicone implants were placed in 1960. Since then, continuous research and technological development allowed the production of excellent and safe implants.
Plastic surgeons today can choose from a large collection of implants varying in shape and volume according to each woman’s needs.
50 years experience of silicone implantation demonstrated that the benefits of their use are many and the disadvantages few.
Millions of women around the world have been exempted from the anxiety and inferiority feeling caused by breast hypoplasia, asymmetry or mastectomy. It is known that breast is one of the principal femininity symbols.