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face 4 newRhinoplasty is the surgical operation which improves nose appearance for cosmetic reasons and corrects congenital, post-operative or post-traumatic abnormalities.

This is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. The change of a small, always visible area on the face, results in great improvement of the overall appearance without postoperative scars.

Rhinoplasty is plastic surgeon’s “mirror” because it reflects his surgical, artistic, psychological and intuitive skills.

Rhinoplasty is not a specific and standardized procedure but a group of smaller operations and techniques. The type and number of interventions are selected each time, according to type and extend of the deformity.
The operation often includes partial resection of nasal bone or cartilage while in rare cases, includes transplantation of tissues from other parts of the body or insertion of biosynthetic materials.


  • Harmonizes the nose size with the overall face size.
  • Improves the individual anatomic proportions (length and width of the nose).
  • Changes the naso-facial angles.
  • Corrects nasal deviation.
  • Removes the nose hump.
  • Corrects the tip of the nose.
  • Modifies the size and profile of the upper lip.
  • Reduces nostrils projection.
The combination of those interventions, gives to the plastic surgeon the ability to modify the style of the nose and face’s appearance. Rhinoplasty gives to the person a more joyful face look but doesn’t affect significantly the age.