Dr S. Kotzampasakis

κοτσαμπασακησ στυλιανοσ


Dr Stelios Kotzampasakis, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, has studied Medicine at Athens University from which he graduated in 1980..

He specialized in plastic and reconstructive surgery for 6 years.

He has worked in the following public hospitals:. 

  • Department of Plastic surgery - A. Sophia Children's Hospital in Athens.
  • Department of Plastic Surgery - ROTHCHILD Hospital in Paris.
  • Plastic Surgery clinic of “KAT” Hospital in Athens 
with Dr Aiach
with the proffessor S.Baux
with Y.G.illouz   
at rotchild hospital   

Since March 2009 he has been working as Consultant Plastic Surgeon in his medical office and in “Athens Medical Center". Dr. S. Kotzampasakis is a member of professional societies, including

He is a member of:

  • International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Hellenic Society for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery,
  • European Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery 
  • Athens’s Medical Association..   
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Until the end of 2018, Dr. Kotzampasakis had performed, more than 20.000 surgical procedures of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery with local, regional or general anesthesia. These operations concern the entire spectrum of Plastic surgery and include aesthetic interventions, wounds, burns, scars, congenital anomalies, pressure sores, skin necrosis, deficits or other skin lesions and congenital or acquired malformations.


During the period 1989-2009 Dr Kotzampasakis trained Medical Students and Nurses in injuries, burns and intensive treatment of burns. Dr Kotzampasakis has trained a large number of new Plastic Surgeons, during their training in plastic surgery specialty in public Hospitals in Athens.

Dr Kotzampasakis was a contributor in "Medical Encyclopedia for the Man" published by ALKYON Publications in Athens (1995).

He is the editor of a unique in Greek language scientific book under the title "BURNS”. Principles and practice of Burns Treatment ", published by Medical Publications B.C. Paschalides in Athens (2005). This book, addressed to physicians, includes the literature and the most recent data on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of burns.

Dr Kotzampasakis is the author of the Medical guide "Beauty and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery" published by Medical Publications H. Maniateas (2007). It’s a complete guide of Aesthetic Surgery which informs with scientific accuracy those who plan to perform aesthetic interventions.

He is also the author of "Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Guide". It is a complete, detailed guide of Aesthetic Surgery in PDF form. This work informs the reader in an understandable way but also absolute scientific accuracy for all aspects of Aesthetic Surgery. The guide is renewed every year in order to include the latest achievements in cosmetic surgery and is available free to the public from doctor’s website.

Dr. Kotzampasakis has, to date, published 57 medical articles in recognized international and Greek scientific journals. These articles are based in the conclusions of many years of research and clinical observations on the field of General and Plastic Surgery.