Dear Doctor, It's time to write you! I believe that a few words cannot fully describe all the feelings I have. Life is battles that are won and the result is the proof of my and your battle, that we gave and we finally won!!!!

The result of your interventions is a gift of life for me. I will now wake up every morning very happy. I thank God for meeting you that night. You are an excellent Doctor who is riveting the patient with his words, his compassion, something that is rare and admirable nowadays. May God have you well because your work is to make people feel well. Thank you very much Katerina

A big smile for the scientist and above all a good man who treated successfully my mother. God bless you......

Hello! My name is M A. I am 28 years old and I am from Larissa. In 2004 I had a serious accident where a truck crushed my leg. I had several surgeries first of all to rescue the foot..

Skin was removed from the thigh and covered the tibia wounds. Then I did a number of plastic surgical procedures in Larisa, with unsatisfactory results. Of course, my foot appearance had greatly improved in relation to the original situation but certainly does not come close to what they promised me. I have no movement restrictions and I am comfortable. The problem is only aesthetic. I'm sending you photos to tell me if we can do something and schedule an appointment to see me. I asked and I learned that you are a very good doctor and worth the while to come in Athens. You certainly cannot get a full view of the pictures, just the distance makes it harder. I would like to tell you what I need to do to see me.

Good evening, dear Dr. Kotzampasakis. My Name is A. I am 28 years old and I live in Dusseldorf, Germany. I'm Interested in a lip surgery. My problem is that my lips are big, not in volume but in width...

The mouth corners, when I smile, look like the "Smile of the Joker» Is there a surgical way to change the shape and size of my lips without being deformed??? (Because bad lies have frightened me with celebrities who go to correct their lips with either injections or surgically and end up having a terrifying duck face effect). How long will I be able to kiss my boyfriend and generally come back to normal life after the procedure?? One of my friends who was operated by you is very satisfied and she told me about you. She told me “Doctor Kotzampasakis has changed my life. I feel like a different person” I hope that you can do something also for me, doctor. Thank you very much.