Any kind of asymmetry, disproportion or disharmony of human body creates insecurity, inferiority feeling and anxiety. Ugliness is not pleasing to anyone and repels.
On the contrary, the beauty, the “Kallos” of the ancient Greeks, this astonishing glow of a beautiful object, a work of art or a beautiful human body captivates the senses and draws.

Aesthetic surgery achieves elimination of ugliness, enhancement and preservation of beauty, both in a direct and indirect way. Directly by the restoration of proportions, the reconstruction of symmetry and harmony as well as the rejuvenation of the skin. Indirectly, by improvement of self-confidence, elimination of malformation anxiety and termination of social isolation.
Aesthetic surgery does not accept the good result. It is not satisfied with the correction of a malformation and its transformation into an ordinary, normal form. It tries to transform the malformation into a perfect form.

It is true that aesthetic surgery, assisted by the modern biotechnology, the continuous scientific research and doctor’s experience, achieves "miracles".
However the result of an aesthetic procedure depends on many factors and its prediction requires a good knowledge and analysis of these factors.
In addition, each person is a particular psychosomatic entity. For this reason aesthetic surgical procedures must be personalized, adapted and selected, after a careful analysis of its physical and psychological particularities. Social and professional needs also play an important role.

Our goal is always the perfect, absolutely natural and not the excessive, abnormal result. The person who plans an aesthetic procedure must know well his / her particularities, desires and all the factors that may influence positively or negatively the final result. Ignorance or misinformation can lead to unattractive results.

The aim of this site is to inform objectively our visitors about aesthetic procedures and cosmetic interventions. Dr. Stelios Kotzampasakis informs you with scientific accuracy and responsibility, about how the desired result can be achieved. This is the result of many years’ practical experience and theoretical training, of constant updating and monitoring of developments in the field of Plastic Surgery as well as the study of international literature.
Dr. Stelios Kotzabasakis